C.E.G Tartarini

C.E.G Tartarini

Country: CKD in MALAYSIA.
(Component parts import from Italy, Argentina and China)

C.E.G Tartarini (4CY)- 100-1
C.E.G Tartarini (6CY)- 100-2
C.E.G Tartarini (8CY)- 100-3

Warranty Period: 1 Year

C.E.G Tartarini Catalog:

Compartments / Spare Parts:

C. E. G Injector Wirings Sockets
- C.E.G Series contents four type of wiring socket: Japan, Bosch, Honda, and Toyota.
-  Its easy and save time for installation.

Bosch Socket

Honda Socket

Japan Socket

Toyota Socket

*Terms and condition applied.
Photo only for reference. We reserve the right to change any part of the kit.